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Commandoo offers you with tailored support and the only thing you need to focus on is: Developing great games.

Save the best for your games

  • From our hands-on experience in the game industry, we will be with you in all process to make hit games.
  • Commandoo helps you ideate, improve gameplay, analyze data to boost your retention and monetization in the long run.

Bring your game a large audience scale

  • Don't miss a chance to experience our cross-promotion system and user-acquisition strategy that could help your game reach the audience scale it truly deserves.

Our long-lasting relationship

  • We will be side-by-side with you from prototypes to hits. With the aim to ensure a fair-play business, we commit to give you complete access to your publishing metrics and keep a fair revenue-sharing


Submit your game and have a talk with your Publishing Manager.


Running a marketing test

All in one. Integrate our SDKs and start all the marketing test at once with full visibility into marketing test results – CTR, CPM, CPI, retention. Get our feedback and improve your game.

Publishing and promoting

When your game meets our KPIs, let's have a discuss to kick off the publishing process. Get yourself access to entire insights and data with full transparency.